WAVERLY ON DOHENY was founded by Jill Collins in 2014. She considers herself a purveyor of resurrected oddities. The beauty is in the authenticity of a piece. The patina and the rust are what makes it unique.

Everything is original but has been cleaned and sealed to preserve its integrity. I consider what I do upcycling, taking a previously used item and reusing it in a new creative way to make it more appealing in today's culture. Basically I am reimagining the past to decorate your future.  

I scour the world sourcing unique items that have visual appeal and individuality and even a sense of humor about them. They have to make me smile and give me that feeling that I know I have found something special.

Things become new again through adaptive reuse. The items range from vintage car doors turned into room dividers to antique pocket watches on heavy chains simply worn as an accessory in a steampunk kind of way.